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Contest #4 - Taboo - PG

Hee, I had fun with this topic!

Forgot to say that this was slightly spoilery for Kyouya's family history. If you'd rather know less about the Shadow King, then be wary about reading further!

Author: mirax_took_
Title: Taboo
Contest #: 4
Rating: PG
Pairing: implied Tamaki/?
Summary: Tamaki's flirting, the twins are curious, and Haruhi couldn't really care less.

"So, tell me what you're wearing," Tamaki ordered. "No, no, no! You should definitely go with the lavender. Of course you know what I'm talking about. Of course it suits you. Don't try to deny it!" He stopped talking for a minute and adjusted his cell phone. He laughed lightly at something said by the person on the other end of the line.

Somehow, the twins managed to materialize behind Haruhi. "So... who is he talking to?" they asked.

"No idea," Haruhi said calmly, continuing to set out teacups and plates.

"Oh, come on," Hikaru groaned.

"Are you telling us you don't want to know?"

"Not particularly." Haruhi made sure that Honey's corner was well-stocked with cakes and forks. The power of a clean fork was never underestimated in the Host Club; however, should a customer by any chance drop hers, six slightly used ones would immediately be offered for her perusal. There were an awful lot of dropped forks among the customers.

The twins sighed in disappointment. "Haruhi..." Kaoru said mournfully.

Hikaru shook his head. "You are so nonchalant."

"It's not natural, being that calm."

"Mori-senpai has kendo practice today, correct?" Haruhi scrutinized her table settings, completely ignoring the Hitachiins. "He and Honey-senpai will be late, then. Should I package the cakes up until they are here?"

"Of course, you are beautiful no matter what you wear." Tamaki continued to wax romantic in the background. "You laugh, but I am always honest with you. You know that. Your raven hair, your sparkling eyes, your slender body... you leave me weak in the knees, to tell you the truth." He laughed again. "You are truly a gem of a woman. If anyone would tell you otherwise, he would have to face the wrath of Suou Tamaki!"

"We want to know," the twins muttered rebelliously.

"Go ask him then." Haruhi ventured into the cabinet to check their supply of tea and chocolates. Upon her reemergence, she asked, "Why is Kyouya-senpai so late?"

The twins, however, did not hear her question. They were at the other side of the room, crowded around a smiling Tamaki.

"Milord, milord, who are you talking to?"

Tamaki ignored them and twirled away in a burst of sparkles and falling flower petals. "I promise you, tonight we will meet somewhere special. Have you heard of the new restaurant on Yasukuni Street? Supposedly, the cuisine is to die for. It will be my treat." Tamaki's voice took on a slight whine. "Please? I promise that the food will be heavenly. What? No, I don't think I should stay the night. What would your father think?" Now he sounded petulant. "I'm fine in the second mansion."

"We want to know," the twins begged.

Haruhi was nearly done preparing for the arrival of that day's customers. The Club was slightly short on chocolate mousse and Hescafe, but she would simply let Kyouya know about the first and make sure the twins never found out about the second. Where was Kyouya, anyway? She straightened a nearby chair and checked the clock on the wall.

Tamaki was once again a man composed of smiles. "Excellent, excellent! I cannot wait to see you! It feels like it has been forever, doesn't it? I am sure you have grown even more ravishingly beautiful in our time apart. The flower of your life is like a bud that blooms against all opposition; it is strong and hearty, yet all the more beautiful for its independence and pride."

"We really want to know," the twins complained.

The door to the Music Room burst open, hitting the wall and rebounding slightly. Haruhi looked up from repositioning teacups to see Kyouya stride in, his mouth firmly set. The Vice-President of the Host Club marched over to the smiling President and snatched away his phone.

"Fuyumi?" he said stiffly, putting the phone to his own ear. "I just finished speaking with Father. It seems he has been trying to call you, but you haven't been answering the phone. Aren't you supposed to eat lunch with him this afternoon?" He listened for a minute, tersely said, "Go. Now," and hung up. He turned a high-intensity glare onto his fellow second-year.

"What?" Tamaki asked meekly. "She and I were merely... chatting..."

"That was Fuyumi?" the twins asked together.

"Who's Fuyumi?" Haruhi asked. She had drifted over during Kyouya's march and was, completely against her will, becoming drawn in by the whole ordeal.

"Kyouya's older sister," Kaoru answered.

"Kyouya's married older sister." Hikaru smirked. "Trying to start an affair there, milord?"

"No, no!" Tamaki waved his hands and shook his head wildly. "You have it all wrong! Fuyumi and I are just friends."

"Good friends."

"Really good friends."

It was not Tamaki but Kyouya who hit the Hitachiins upside the head. "Please watch how you talk about my sister, Kaoru, Hikaru." His smile looked positively dangerous. He then turned the smile on to Tamaki. Tamaki wilted.

"Kyouya," he whined. "You know how well your sister and I get along. We just wanted to go to a new commoner's restaurant this evening!"

"So Senpai likes older women," Haruhi said meditatively. "Kyouya-senpai, we need more chocolate mousse."

"Haruhi...! No...! You have it all wrong!"

"I'll have more delivered by Monday."

Tags: contest #4 cellphone flirting, fuyumi ootori, haruhi fujioka, hikaru hitaiichin, kaoru hitaiichin, kyoya ootori, oneshot, rated pg, tamaki suou
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